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cBoard. Powering the new generation of bloggers

Tired of the instability of other tagboard providers? Sick of the weird features you'll never even dream of using? Introducing cBoard. The first board that can be customised to fit you and your communication needs. For in the end, that's all that matters.

Important Disclaimer

cBoard is currently in its beta testing stage. Although the core of its program has been used to run the communi-board on my personal blog (, this is the first time it has been subjected to an external environment with multiple users. As such, the script will be improved upon simultaneously with the running of the initial beta testing.

Sign ups will be done manually and the number of users will be limited (for now) to just 10. Accounts available on a first come first serve basis and in Stage 1 of beta testing will only be released to people whom I know personally. Please use the signup form if you wish to participate in this beta program. As with all beta programs, uses are kindly requested to submit feedback on the use and operation of cBoard. All comments or suggestions are welcome.

Not just another tagboard

The cBoard powered by Jonaize is unlike any ordinary tagboard / shoutbox. One main difference is that it is targeted at young adults, built for young adults by a young adult . In our world, things move at a slightly different pace then that of children or working adults. We live by our own set of rules.

So why put up with a tagboard that's ultimately not YOU? There are many tagboards out there, some free and some not. Regardless, these tagboards have been built with a whole spectrum of users in mind. From the very young to the very old. Do you really want to just go along with the flow? Perhaps you didn't have a choice.

The better alternative

Well, now you do have a choice. Enter cBoard. The one board that's truly you. No messy HTML, no limited features for non-paying customers and no coding experience needed! Want to customise the colors? No problem. Need to change the format? Can be done. Why join the millons using commercial tagboards? Be yourself, be unique. Be a cBoard user.

We agree that other boards have a host of features we do not offer, but look at it in perspective; do you really need language support for languages you didn't even know existed? Or scripts that track the user, violating his privacy? With cBoard, you get none of that, just everything you need to communicate, from the comforts of your own blog.

Ready to sign up?

If you’re ready to take a step towards your own independence, proceed to our sign up page now.